Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Nearly Time

Well just a few days to go now till this challenge begins. Prepping the album for the project has begun and I hope to have  my introduction page done and dusted for New Year. Its great how many people on UKS are combing this photo challenge with either Document 2012 or Project Life.  Im hoping we will support each other through the year as I really.dont want to fall by the wayside with this one.

Better late than never I will leave you with a photo of my Christmas tree, decorared by my daughter this year as quite frankly I couldnt be bothered, tree is heading for the bin as quite frankly its on its last legs and listing over at a terrible angle.

See you all here in the New Year

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Contemplating the Challenge Ahead

Not long now till Suzie's photo challenges kick off on 1st January 2012. I am still contemplating how I am going to tackle this year long project and I think I more or less have decided on the format of the album. I just need to order some 8 x 8 and some 6 x 12 page protectors to go along with my divided ones and I will be set. I have definately decided to make up my own kit from my own stash and am looking forward to utilising all the little scraps of paper that are too beautiful to throw away and see them being put to good use. Pinterest and blog reading are proving very useful in gathering up ideas for the styles and embellishments Id like to use.

The thing that is preying on my mind now though is how I will manage a photo a day - I have been thinking about it and come to the conclusion that my life may well prove to be rather mundane and I cant fill an album with nice pictures of great interest when most of my life seems to consist of going to work and back. Im sure my work colleagues - lovely as they all are will tire quite quickly of watching me taking photos at my desk etc. Thinking about this is causing me to evaluate my life as it stands and hopefully will cause me to seek out some more interesting activities as I strive to find different things to photograph daily.

For now I will leave you with a picture of my beloved Beadnell in Northumberland - I fear you will all be bored quickly by the amount of times the lovlieness of Northumberland appears in my posts.

This one was an early morning shot of the sun on the sea just off the Point in late August.

Monday, 5 December 2011

The White stuff has arrived

Oh my!!!!! Woke up this morning to a winter wonderland. Just great, NOT!!! Its now official I hate winter!!!!!!!! Let's hope this is the not the start of the awful snow like last year. I really am not a fan of having to drive in this kind of weather.

Here's a couple of piccies I took with my phone first thing this morning. Now I wonder if anyone can help me here because these pictures look perfectly fine on my phone but seem to have lots of little sqaures on them when I have uploaded to the blog. What causes this?? and can I do something to avoid it??? Hmmmm these are the kind of things I hope I learn during the Photography challenges next year

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Raring to Go

Well Suzie's challenge on UKS is certainly attracting a good following.

I am looking forward to doing this and am very glad to see some familiar faces joining me including Linda from my crop. This is great as I am sure we can egg each other on when we are having those struggling to keep up moments. It will also be good to make some new friends during the course of the year.

Since my last post I have discovered that a mini book isnt going to hold the type of layouts I envisage for this album. I have a pack of We R Memory Keepers divided page protectors which my lovely friend Heather gifted me as she couldnt see herself using them and I thought they would be ideal for one of the layouts of the month, I thought I would also do a 12 x 12 layout incorporating more of the pictures and if I didnt have enough space on those pages I could maybe add a 6 x12 and/or an 8 x 8 page protector in between.

had never heard of Project Life by Becky Higgins until recently on UKS - where have I been hiding??? and it turns out that what I had planned to do with the photos from this challenge is very similar to PL.

I understand the kits for this will be on Amazon in January but I am not at all sure I can run to buying this as I am on a very tight budget at the moment. It would be convenient to have all the journalling cards etc ready cut to size but for me I think half the fun of this will be to be select lovely papers all year and make use of the scraps from my kits to make up the journalling cards and photo mats. I have already started squirelling bits and pieces away into a box for this and hope that I might make up my title page for the album at my December crop so that I am all good to go for January.

I have also been following Julie Kirk's lovely blog and love her My Month in Numbers feature. I think I might incorporate that into one of my layouts for each month next year. At this rate its going to be an overstuffed album I think.

Here's a little of my beloved Beadnell to help Suzie test our her linky widget